今回読んだ記事のタイトルは『Humans Evolved to Be Friendly』です。

Scientific American|Humans Evolved to Be Friendly

by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods





The arrival of human self-domestication would have led to both increase in population and the revolution in technology we see in the fossil record.

Making contact between people of different ideology, culture or race is a universally effective reminder that we all belong to a single group called H. sapiens.


If feeling threatened makes us want to protect others in our group, nonthreatening contact between groups allows us to expand the definition of who our group is.


White children who went to school with black children in the 1960s were more likely, as they grew up, to support interracial marriage, have black friends, and be willing to welcome black people into their neighborhoods.


hindsight あと知恵 the ability to understand a situation only after it has happened

prevail 勝つ if something prevails, it is successful after a struggle: Justice prevailed in the end./ if a belief or opinion prevails, it is common among a group of people: the beliefs which still prevail in our society

savvy 知恵のある practical knowledge and ability

glacier 氷河 glace=氷(フランス語:煮詰める、グラッセ)glacial氷に関連する glacial epoch氷河期

domestication 飼いならすこと、馴致 domesticate=domesticated animals work for people or live with them as pets

reconcile 両立するようにする to find a way in which two different ideas, needs, situations, etc can both happen or be true

cruelty 残虐性 behavior or actions that are unkind or cause suffering ⇄ kindness  cruel残虐な

perception 知覚、理解 perceive理解する the way you think about something and your idea of what it is like

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