Scientific American|Measuring What Matters

今回読んだScientific Americanの記事のタイトルは、『Measuring What Matters』です。

ノーベル経済学賞受賞経済学者のスティグリッツが書いています。私がScientific Americanを定期購読するきっかけになった記事です。



これまで国の豊かさを測る指標としていたGDP(Gross Domestic Product)では、国民のwell-beingについて評価することはできない。国民の健康、持続可能性、教育、格差や不安のない状態などを評価できるようなダッシュボードが必要である。

In addition to GDP itself, as a measure for market activity (and no more) the dashboard would include metrics for health, sustainability and any other values that the people of a nation aspired to, as well as for inequality, insecurity and other harms that they taught to diminish.

Policy makers and civil-society groups should pay attention not only to material wealth but also to health, education, leisure, environment, equality, governance, political voice, social connectedness, physical and economic security, and other indicators of the quality of life.


metric 判定基準、指標 metric systemメートル法

crucial とても重要な extremely important and necessary in order to avoid problems or failure: Money is crucial to the aid program.

reliance 信頼 when someone or something depends on another thing [+on/upon]  rely on頼みにする I rely on you to come.

morbid 病的な with a strong interest in unpleasant subjects, especially death

predicament 苦境 a difficult situation when you do not know what is the best thing to do

relentless 容赦ない not stopping or changing

steer 操る steering wheel: a wheel that you turn to control the direction of a car

triumph 打ち勝つ to win a victory or be successful 名詞も

aggregate 総数 a total

unprecedented 前例のない never happened before

mortgage 譲渡抵当 money that you borrow in order to buy a house, and pay back over a large number of years

ingenuity 独創性 skill at inventing things and thinking of new ideas

stagnate 停滞する to stop developing or improving stagnation[n]

manifold 多種多様の of many different types

precipitate (不都合な事態を)突然引き起こす to make something happen suddenly: The President’s death precipitated a political crisis. precipitous: dangerously steep or high precipitously険しく

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