Galileo’s Lessons for Living and Working through a Plague

今回読んだ記事は、『Galileo’s lessons for Living and Working through a Plague』です。

by Hannah Marcus





Bolstered by his relationships with his family and friends and strengthened by electuaries of dried fruit and honey, Galileo’s life teaches us that pursuing science has never been straightforward during an epidemic and that it is nonetheless essential to persevere.





contemplation 熟考 contemplate=to think about something in a serious way

emulate 倣う if you emulate someone, you try to be like them because you admire them: Children emulate their heroes.

turbulent 波乱の turbulent period or situation is one in which there are a lot of changes

ravage 破壊する、奪う to destroy or damage something very badly: The forest ravaged by fire.

notorious 悪名高い famous for something bad: The city is notorious for its rainy weather.

censorship 検閲 censor=to examine books, films etc and remove anything that is offensive, politically dangerous

summon 呼び出す to officially order someone to come to a particular place: I was summoned to the principal’s office.

wane 弱まる to become gradually weaker or less important: After a while his enthusiasm for the sport began to wane.

impede じゃまする to make it difficult for something to happen

censure 非難 to officially criticize someone 名詞も

tumultuous 騒がしい very noisy because people are excited: They received a tumultuous welcome from the crowd.

exemplary 立派な exemplary behavior is excellent and can be used as an example for other people to copy

persevere へこたれずにがんばる to continue trying to do something difficult in a determined way

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